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Expert Design & Development

“Your website is your face to meet your customers. Nobody would like ugly makeup.” One must be careful in designing the website. It should not negatively affect the sole purpose of the website by using an irrelevant site design. Web design is the process of effectively combining web programs with appropriate graphics. Basically, with effective interface design, using a standardized code, and bringing out the best user experience. Also, by involving an efficient Search Engine Optimization attributes helps in better ROI results. Also, our team merges these features together with the utmost care to provide you with an excellent result.

Voxelkraftz, provide creative and professional web application development services. Obviously, this helps our customers to promote their business ideas and maintain their brand value. Basically, our web design team makes sure that the site conveys meaningful and relevant information. We provide a simple, transparent and fully customizable web design solution. This approach enables customers to meet their requirements. A good web design and development company will always attract the customers and last longer in the industry. Along with genuine content, if we provide an attractive graphic design, the reach of your website earns a good hike. This helps you with a boost in your business.

Voxelkraftz develops the websites to meet the product’s promotional requirements of the client, which attracts customers to buy their products. Our approach includes newer experimentations to the design technologies to meet the client satisfaction strategy and for mutual benefit. Our main focus will always be customer satisfaction and business growth. No boundaries for web designing, we are even ready to implement your crazy ideas using the best technologies. Basically, this unique quality made us legitimate web design and development company to business like yours.

Web Services

Web Design

Web design involves various areas like graphics, layout design, narration, incorporating high end code and advanced software. Customization is highly done in areas of User experience design and SEO’s in Web designing.


WordPress hold an outstanding model and a dummy system. Wordpress closely sticks to blogging which is one of the main revenue based domain in later years & other several types and kinds of user friendly web contents.

E Commerce

E-commerce One of the easiest yet one among the most profit generating
domain of 21st century .We make trading, Buying , selling, executing
and transferring of data’s more viable via advanced technologies.

Web Maintenance

As per best industry standards and practices we deliver high rate of website maintenance using our spellbound technology & innovative thinking. With much affordable costing the revising, e, changing & editing pages can be done to keep your lively in present. 

Web Redesign

Redesigning of existing web pages are done with atmost care. Our modernized technology enables a fresh start from the scratch which increment productivity, Business and revenue to the maximum extend.

PSD Templates

PSD Photoshop template are the template or design photoshop files that help in web design and coding. Much specialized team of Voxelkraftz give extraordinary effort in expertising every services using PSD.

Technology Stack

  • angular-2
  • bootstrap-2
  • cakephp-2
  • coreigni-2.
  • css-2
  • drupal-2
  • htmll5-2
  • joomla-2
  • kohana-2
  • laravel-2
  • mongo-2
  • mysql-2
  • postgre-2
  • python-1
  • rubyrails-2
  • sass-2
  • vue-2